Servizio guida turistica

Authorized tourist guide

To get to know the city of stones


I will accompany you to discover Matera, one of the oldest cities in the world, making it accessible to its infinite wonders and curiosities.

A tour of Matera understandable and educational for children who are approached for the first time to the city and guided tours for adults who want to delve into the thousand paths and views that offers this millenary site, supported by a qualified guide

Visiting the Sassi means walking through alleys, streets, neighborhoods that each have their own story to tell and to preserve. The excursions on the Murgia Materana, besides being a journey back in time, are also a journey through the unique colors of an uncontaminated territory where you can perceive a myriad of perfumes.

So the visit to Matera and the Murgia Materana will not only be a journey through history, architecture and art, but a real journey into the senses.