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Murice home is a project born from the synergistic collaboration among an archaeologist, a designer and a restorer. A house that speaks of past history through a conservative recovery of some details, with the addition of a modern interpretation of the spaces. The part excavated in the limestone rock has been brought to light, the “tufo”  barrel vault has been completely restored and dialogues with the warm oil parquet floor. The iron structures divide and define the modern spaces of the “lamione”, according to a stratified reading, in a continuous dialogue between past and present.

The name Murice is not random …. The “Calcarenite”, which is the backbone of the Sassi and the Murgia of Matera, has many fossil shells inside, evidence of a thousand-year history. Murice will welcome you within the history and will be your fossil guide to the discovery of the city.

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An old lamione in the Sassi of Matera was once the home of a local family: the back part, dug out into the rock, was the stable, while the front part was used as a real home. The hypogeum room, however, was used as a stable with manger and a cellar with a cistern to collect rainwater.

The last family that lived there was the Gravela family, where Mrs. Leonarda, for all Nannarda, was famous in the neighborhood for her maneuvers that affixed shoulders and dislocated wrists.

Today, Murice holiday home is an open space that can accommodate up to 5 people

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